Financial Aid Technician (Re-advertised)
Requisition #: 2017  -  1607
Posting Date: 9/14/2017
Location: Any Campus
Appointment Period:
Contracts for regular positions are renewable each June 30th after successful completion of probationary period.(Unless otherwise specified)

The jobholder maintains records and reconciles accounting activities related to the administration of federal and state financial aid programs; authorizes payment of direct educational expenses and excess funds payments to students from federal, state, and local monies within eligibility criteria; calculates Return of Title IV funds for withdrawn students; and notifies the college finance office and students of any resulting debt.

Essential Duties/Functions:

· Coordinate the transmittal of financial aid awards with A/R staff.  Audit all student transactions to ensure that the award amounts are prorated accurately and correct and resolve any transmittal errors before, during, and after the transmittal occurs.

· Transmit all student transactions electronically to the Department of Education for federal payments and to the College Foundation of North Carolina for state payments.  Correct and resolve any errors in reporting by analyzing error reports and determining the best manner to resolve data issues.

· Calculate Return of Title IV funds and state grant funds by interpreting federal and state regulations, policies, and procedures.  Determining withdrawals dates for refund calculations by processing withdrawal forms and working with faculty to report accurate attendance information.  Update award information with refund amounts.  Notify students and Cashier's office of federal, state, and college debts due to withdrawal or non-attendance by written correspondence.  Refer federal and state debts to the appropriate agencies when needed.

· Evaluate potential overpayment reports.  Work with federal and state agencies as well as other colleges to resolve multiple reporting errors for students attending more than one college at a time.  Notify students, Cashier's office and federal and state agencies when debts occurred due to multiple reporting.

· Evaluate developmental coursework for financial aid eligibility.  Run and evaluate reports that identify students who are near or have exceeded the number of credit hours allowed in developmental coursework.  Manually recalculate aid amounts based on federal regulations and policies.  Notify students when adjustments are made, advise students with questions about this process, and notify Cashier's office when a reduction in aid creates a debt to the college.

· Reconcile all federal, state, and local grant, loans, and scholarship expenditures between Financial Aid office records, the general ledger, the Foundation, and federal/state agencies records on at least a monthly basis.  Reconcile major aid awards each week and report findings to the Director.   Observe and meet all federal, state and local deadlines to prevent the loss of current and future aid funding.  Investigate and resolve errors between the various offices and agencies.  Prepare memos and letters to return funds or request additional funds as needed to resolve reconciliation issues.

· Develop, process, and maintain various lists and reports - RTCA overpayment reports, uncashed financial aid checks list, non-attendance purge list, undeliverable checks and direct deposit lists, check forwarding list, stop payment list, student withdrawal report, zero credit hour completion reports, as well as several ad-hoc lists and reports.  Evaluate information on lists and reports to determine actions to be taken and communicate with other stakeholders and students as needed.

· Use a variety of software and electronic reporting processes, including Datatel Colleague, Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access, Monarch software, the Common Origination and Disbursement reporting website, the National Student Loan Database reporting website, the College Foundation of North Carolina state grant reporting website, the federal Financial Aid  Access  website, the Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) mailbox and website.

· Process Emergency Loan paperwork.  Confirm eligibility items for loans and prepare transmittal paperwork before forwarding to Finance office.  Maintain list of recipients and notify students when loan funds are available.

· Process consortium agreements.  Manage and maintain accurate agreements.  Evaluate coursework taken at other colleges during the same term and manually recalculate aid amounts based on federal regulations and policies.

· Perform all duties as assigned by supervisor.

· Actively serve on college committees.   

· Demonstrate and model the College’s employability skills: adaptability, communication, information processing, problem solving, responsibility and teamwork.

· Participate in national, regional and state professional development initiatives to improve knowledge and skill base.

Difficult Challenges:

· Find discrepancies in reporting debits/credits to accounts and make necessary corrections to reconcile

· Review reports to determine correct eligibility for funds based on student enrollment.

· Work together with other departments to find reporting errors.


Financial Aid Advisors - Student eligibility - Daily

Finance Office - Reporting issues - Several times a week

Business Office - Student Issues -  Several times a week

State Education Assistance Authority -  State grant issues - Several times a week

Supervisors - Resolution to issues as they arise - Daily

Educational & Certification Requirements:

· Associate Degree required

· Bachelor's preferred

· Accounting background preferred

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Professional Experience:

· One year of accounting or financial aid experience required, 2 or more years preferred

· Knowledge of federal and state financial aid regulations

· Ability to maintain accurate and auditable financial aid records

· Ability to participate as a team member

· Ability to understand and interpret rules and regulations

· Ability to readily adjust to change

· Ability to use a personal computer

· Excellent oral and written communication skills

· Ability to maintain confidentiality of students’ records

· Ability to work effectively with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail

· Ability to meet deadlines

Departmental/Job Specific Requirements:

The following (compliance) training is required and must be completed within the first 30 days of hire with annual refresher training thereafter: 

· Ethics

· Safety/Shooter on Campus

· Personal Information Protection Training (PIP)

· Anti-Discrimination/Harassment& Title IX

· Other training may be required as determined applicable.

Working Conditions:

* Work requires mostly sitting with some walking or standing.

* Work requires carrying objects or loads of 20 pounds or less.

* Rare (less than 15%) exposure to hazardous chemicals, filth, fumes, adverse weather, or personal health and safety risks.

**All GTCC job descriptions reflect duties and responsibilities of the particular job and are subject to change with limited notice.

Application Deadline:

  Open until an adequate pool of applicants is received
How to Apply:
A GTCC application must be submitted in order to be considered. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of completing an application form. When applying for a position that requires a degree, copies of unofficial transcripts must be attached to a completed application.

*If your education credentials are from a country outside of the United States & if you are extended an offer of employment you will be required to submit a translation/evaluation of your transcript.

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