Director of Institutional Research
Requisition #: 2017  -  1549
Posting Date: 9/20/2017
Location: Any Campus
Appointment Period:
Contracts for regular positions are renewable each June 30th after successful completion of probationary period.(Unless otherwise specified)

The Director of Institutional Research develops, conducts and coordinates the College's institutional research activities, supporting institutional effectiveness, enrollment management, grant support, planning and accreditation activities. The Director oversees the institutional research department, and supports quality improvement by working with decision makers across the College to enhance the understanding, collection, and use of data in decision-making; the Director coordinates the preparation of required state and federal reports. 

Essential Duties/Functions:

Plan, lead and conduct institutional research activities aimed at enhancing institutional effectiveness and planning, strategic enrollment management, and other college needs including grant support.

· Develop institutional research products and services to meet the needs of constituents, consistent with the College's Mission and strategic initiatives/goals.

· Develop and implement an annual research plan and related reporting.

· Determine, with executive management and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, the primary benchmarks and performance indicators and develop, implement and evaluate an Institutional Effectiveness plan to support the College's management, planning and development.

· Assist with the accreditation process.

· Provide support for college-wide initiatives (e.g., PRESS and Completion by Design).

· Support and provide data for national and state initiatives, and communicate findings.

· Designs and implements survey research, including survey research instruments and questionnaires in cooperation and collaboration with other departments, committees, and individuals, and establish appropriate reporting protocols.

· Recommend and implement research tools, research design, statistical and analytical techniques, and best practices

· Evaluate, consult for and coordinate the fulfillment of diverse ad hoc research requests from the college community.

· Create customized data retrieval tools as needed.

· Provide routine information products for dissemination within and outside the college community.

· Provide and interpret data on enrollments, retention, transfers, market share, community and workforce educational needs and related issues.

· Provide leadership to the college by staying abreast of emerging research needs and techniques.

· Ensure compliance with federal and state reporting authorities.

Prepare reports and present results of research.

· Ensure accuracy, timeliness, and usefulness of reporting and communications.

· Oversees data integrity, quality assurance and common data definitions and ensures that institutional data collection and reporting processes are reliable, valid and ethical.

Train decision-makers to enhance the collection and appropriate use of data throughout the College.

· Serve as a content area expert on research methods, data analysis, and data-driven decision-making. Conduct related trainings and mentor faculty and staff.

· Provide guidance to members of the college community in utilizing existing research products and developing new ones.

Employee supervision and budget management.

· Direct and supervise the work of assigned staff.

· Support and contribute to the development of the professional success of IR employees.

· Provide guidance, direction, and training to ensure high quality products.

· Develop and manage department budget.

Participate and take leadership roles on College and/or System Officecommittees. 

· Co-chair Institutional Effectiveness Committee.

· Act as Institutional Review Board officer for the College.

· Participate on the Learning Evidence Committee, Service Evidence Committee and other committees as needed.  

· Demonstrate and model the College’s employability skills: adaptability, communication,  information processing, problem solving, responsibility and teamwork.

Difficult Challenges:

· Providing high-level, college-wide data analysis

· Ensuring accuracy and integrity of foundational data

· Completing complex work under tight deadlines

· Designing and implementing complex processes and reports

· Possessing and maintaining strong technology skills using a variety of analytical software


· Works with the broadest range of internal college constituencies

· Works with many external agencies, e.g., accreditors, regulatory bodies, economic development, local business and industry, etc.

Educational & Certification Requirements:

Required Qualifications:

· Masters degree from an accredited college or university with coursework that includes knowledge of research methods, statistics, and databases.

· Three (3) years experience providing leadership to an institutional research unit in an academic institution.

· Supervisory experience and effective supervisory skills to include coaching and mentoring to support employees in achieving the college mission and their individual professional goals.

· Experience with technological tools utilized in institutional research, i.e., integrated databases, data mining software, statistical packages, presentation software, etc. 

· Experience conducting research and communicating results for educational initiatives, planning, enrollment management, grants support, or institutional effectiveness.

· Experience managing projects and teams in a complex environment.

· Experience with regional accreditation processes and reporting.

Preferred Qualifications:

· Doctoral degree from an accredited college or university with coursework that includes knowledge of research methods, statistics, and databases.

· Five (5) years experience providing leadership to an institutional research unit in an academic institution. 

· Experience in a community college experience preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Professional Experience:

· Demonstrated ability to acquire, evaluate, organize, maintain and communicate data.

· Proficient in research design and analysis.

· Ability to provide leadership and vision for the role and use of information, data and research in planning and decision-making.

· Strong positive interpersonal skills including the ability to work collaboratively, build effective working relationships, work effectively with executive leadership and faculty, be a team-oriented leader, and utilize critical thinking skills.

· Proficiency with of MS Office to include Word, Excel, Outlook, and database software; ability to extract, manipulate, and analyze data from large organizational databases and utilize statistical software.

· Possess excellent communication skills (verbal and written) including communication clarity and frequency, effective listening and providing feedback.

· Utilize excellent time management, problem solving techniques and use of professional judgment in a complex team environment.

· Values diversity and possesses an understanding of multicultural and cultural competencies; ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, students, families and other customers from different backgrounds.

Departmental/Job Specific Requirements:

The following (compliance) training is required and must be completed within the first 30 days of hire with annual refresher training thereafter: 

· Ethics

· Safety/Shooter on Campus

· Personal Information Protection Training (PIP)

· Anti-Discrimination/Harassment& Title IX

· Other training may be required as determined applicable.

Working Conditions:

Must be able to work many hours at a computer in sometimes-stressful environment.

Additional Duties & Responsibilities:

· Other duties as assigned

**All GTCC job descriptions reflect duties and responsibilities of the particular job and are subject to change with limited notice.

Application Deadline:

  Open until an adequate pool of applicants is received
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