Senior Financial/Business Systems Analyst
Requisition #: 2016  -  1377
Posting Date: 4/28/2016
Location: Any Campus
Appointment Period:
Contracts for regular positions are renewable each June 30th after successful completion of probationary period.(Unless otherwise specified)

Provide high-level accounting and technical expertise to Business Office personnel and serves as liaison to other offices in implementing, monitoring and refining processes.  Program, implement, and maintain a variety of application programs related to statistical, fiscal and data extraction and management.  Provide complex technical support to Business Office personnel and serve as liaison to other offices in implementing, monitoring and refining systems related to budgeting, financials, accounts payable, purchasing, accounts receivable, financial aid, human resources, payroll, facilities and fixed assets.  S/he completes a variety of broad-based and frequently complex projects for senior leadership.  Up to twenty-five percent (25%) of incumbent’s time is dedicated to training and/or serving as a resource to other departments for purposes of addressing college-wide needs.

Essential Duties/Functions:

* Operate computer systems to produce a variety of statistical reports and summary data; update and maintain data files; operate associated peripheral equipment.

* Interface with the ITS department in the development and implementation of efficient systems consistent with new software applications.

* Coordinate accounting information systems to track specific operational and financial data.  

* Monitor and ensure integrity of financial data.

* Design and prepare test data and materials and conduct testing of computer programs, service calls, enhancements, and patches to financial related modules. 

* Design and create custom queries to extract and manipulate data as required.

* Design and create custom reports using queries, financial statement processor, report writer, Word, Excel, and Access.

* Analyze existing applications software; recommend enhancements and modifications as necessary to meet needs and technical requirements.

* Research, test, and advise management on advances in available software solutions.

* Coordinate testing and implementation of new technology, including such areas as financial and facilities related software, document imaging, and automated timekeeping systems.

* Develop and maintain a comprehensive set of policies and procedures for all areas of responsibility.

* Assess strengths and weaknesses relative to internal controls in manual and automated processes and recommend enhancements as appropriate.

* Provide technical support, information, training and consulting services to various internal and external constituents of the College upon request.

* Troubleshoot and advise on problem resolution related to financial modules.

Difficult Challenges:

* Development of recommendations requires researching and analyzing potential impact on any and all facets of the College operations.  Experience can be critical to minimal mistakes and maximizing efforts.  Any area of inexperience is a chink in one’s armor.

* Many projects require extensive research which sometimes can be frustrating when in need of collaborative efforts with other staff whose schedules have minimal time for meeting (when phone or email simply is not sufficient for the research).

* Multitasking can create inefficiencies. 


* Several times a week: AVP Business and Finance re new project assignments, updates, project completion reports, planning

* Several times a week: staff and faculty re research, procedural documentation, support activities

* Weekly: senior management re updates, research, summary reports and recommendations

* Weekly: department managers re collaborative efforts in project completion

* Monthly: Purchasing Director re purchasing and contract issues

* Monthly: NC Community College System office staff and senior management at other NC community colleges re discussions relevant to ongoing projects

Educational & Certification Requirements:

* Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Information Systems, or related field.  MBA preferred.

* CPA certification a plus.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Professional Experience:

* Minimum of five years of progressive related experience.

* Supervisory experience preferred.

* Thorough, broad-based knowledge of financial and accounting practices and procedures.

* Excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills

* Community college or postsecondary education experience highly preferred.

* Ellucian/Colleague experience preferred.

* Understanding of related auditing and IT functions.

* Understanding of governmental regulations and reporting requirements.

* Excellent organizational and strategic thinking skills including the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

* Experience in systems analysis and knowledge of a variety of application software.

* Expert in use and development of Excel spreadsheets and the use of computers for word processing, report writing and Internet.

* Experience in records storage and handling techniques.

* Experience in principles of database query logic.

* Experience with modern office operations, methods, procedures, and equipment including proficient use of a ten-key calculator.

* Capable of researching, assessing and recommending changes in technology and processes to advance the Business Office in all areas.

* Ability to maintain confidentiality and a clear record of financial transactions and financial reports in order to document a clear, organized audit trail.

* Willingness to exhibit high levels of commitment and dedication.

Departmental/Job Specific Requirements:

Must have the ability to:

* Apply logical and technical thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems.

* Deal with very difficult concepts and complex variables.

* Apply basic mathematical and statistical concepts to problem solving.

* Design and implement decision support systems as needed to produce data to satisfy internal and external reporting requirements.

* Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

* Read, interpret and apply complex technical publications, manuals, and other documents and provide concise executive summaries.

* Effectively compose correspondence, develop charts, graphs, schedules, and presentations.

* Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and recommend actions in support of objectives.

* Organize, coordinate and direct special projects.  This would include everything from small intradepartmental projects, to very complex projects impacting the entire college and involving a cross section of constituents.

* Identify and include key stakeholders in projects, coupled with building and maintaining relationships with such stakeholders.

* Analyze and correct accounting problems and bookkeeping errors.

* Multi-task and prioritize effectively.

* Maintain job effectiveness under stress while adhering to strict deadlines.

* Display initiative and resourcefulness in solving problems and updating skills/knowledge.

* Prepare interpretive and analytical accounting reports.

* Apply research methodologies to a wide variety of subjects and provide findings, analysis and recommendations, i.e., executive summary or white paper.

* Exercise considerable initiative and independent, mature judgment in responding to unusual situations, resolving conflict and identifying situations and recommended solutions to be referred to management.

* Interpret and apply federal, state and local fiscal regulations as well as regulations governed by NC State Purchase and Contract, NC Community College System Office, and the State Board of Community Colleges.

* Interpret and apply college policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

* Maintain a positive, assertive, confident, and professional demeanor.

* Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

* Stay informed of trends and changes in the accounting, finance and technology fields.

* Training is required annually in Anti-Harassment, Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA), Person Information Protection (PIP), Reporting Requirements, and Ethics Law in North Carolina and others as may be identified.

Working Conditions:

Work will be performed in typical office setting and may require prolonged sitting at PC keyboard, etc.

Additional Duties & Responsibilities:

* Serve on college and statewide committees as assigned.

**All GTCC job descriptions reflect duties and responsibilities of the particular job and are subject to change with limited notice.

Application Deadline:

  Open until an adequate pool of applicants is received
How to Apply:
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